Upcoming changes in tfm server in september 2011

There are a lot of planned changes in tfm server for september 2011.

  • First and one of the most important change is that apache is relocated from /opt/tfm/apache2 to /usr in order to increase compatibility with Centos, RedHat and Suse.
  • Support for usb broadband dongles has been added . So far we can confirm that Digi Net Mobil ( MF110 ) and Vodafone (K3765) were tested and works.
  • passenger apache / nginx module will be added to distribution in order to facilitate applications written in Ruby on Rails.
  • node.js will be added to distribution.
  • redmine project management tool will be added to distribution
  • oss4 will be added
  • most of the packages will have ipv6 support enabled
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