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TFM partnership with Epiphany fashion

Partnership with Epiphany Fashion Recently TFM formed a new partnership with Epiphany Fashion. Some might wonder why a tech company considered a fashion business as a partner . The answers are simple. First because they need our help. Secondly technical challenges to build this project are big. For TFM this is a good opportunity to […]


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Catedrala si bazarul

Catedrala si Bazarul de Eric S. Raymond tradusa de Mihai Moldovanu (mihaim LA tfm PUNCT ro) Disec un proiect free-software de succes, fetchmail, care a fost condus ca test al unor teorii surprinzatoare despre dezvoltarea softului sugerate de istoria Linuxului. Discut aceste teorii ca doua stiluri de dezvoltare fundamental diferite, “catedrala” (modelul marii majoritati in […]


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