Win32 Projects

  • WinLIRC to DScaler

This program connects to WinLIRC server and send commands to DScaler.

  • Test AVI-AC3

This is a video file to easy test 5.1 Speakers.

  • TFM Audio Filter

This is a DirectShow Filter, for real-time audio processing.

  • HTML UnOptimiser v.1.0

Beautify the “optimized” HTML sources

  • LaunchTray

This Program is a “Tray Launcher” very easy to configure

  • Unix.2.Windows

This Program change TEXT Files from UNIX to WINDOWS style and from WINDOWS to UNIX style.

  • CPUsage

Shutdown or Restart the computer if the CPU stay for “Number of Seconds” under “x %” usage.

  • Search and Replace

Search and Replace recursively in Files/Folders.

  • Set SendTo

Create or delete a list of “Favorites” in “SendTo” Menu

  • Diablo 2 SaveGame Editor

Edit saved games in Diablo2

  • MPEG Audio Scissors

MPEG Audio (only) Cutter.

  • AutoCaption Text

Add the last MIRC line to the active window caption bar

  • Tag Edit Pro

ID3 Tag Editor with HTML support

  • Image Viewer

This Program allows You to SCAN in ALL subdirectories from Selected Path and View Images

  • Multimedia Player

Video And Audio Player With PlayList. (Need Windows Media Player 6 already installed).

  • SyncroDir

AutoCopy ALL Files/Dir`s from SOURCE to DEST.

  • SubmitForm v.1.0

Easy create Forms for Sites where You intended to submit your programs.

  • MPEG Scissors

This Program was created for easy editing MPEG Files.

  • MassAttr

This Program performs Recursive Attributes Set for a given Directory.

  • MixPeg

FREE RealTime MP3 Mixing Machine.