Test AVI-AC3

This is a video file to easy test 5.1 Speakers.

– Video : DivX 5.0.2 / 648×480 image
– Audio : AC3 / 5.1 channels / 48 kHz / 384 kbps
– Duration : 33 seconds
– Download : 2.21 MB avi file / 948 KB rar archive
– Presenter’s Voice : Nicky Stanciu

From your speakers you hear :
Front Left
from your FRONT LEFT Speaker
from your CENTER Speaker
Front Right
from your FRONT RIGHT Speaker
Rear Left
from your REAR LEFT Speaker
Rear Right
from your REAR RIGHT Speaker
120 to 20 Hz Tone
from your LFE Speaker
ROTATING from ALL Speakers


  1. Thank you so much! I had just installed some video and audio codecs and wanted to see if the install worked! My .avi video still won’t work, but at least I know I installed it correctly 🙂


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  3. Thanks for this.

    But the rear sounds are not going throught he rear speakers.
    I tried pendrive through TV as well as Blu ray player.

    Please guide me.

  4. Thank for the test, very useful. I had a slight issue with my rear left and right. The sound came from the front left and right! Anyone else get this issue?

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