Installing Adobe FMS on TFM/GNU Linux

First install TFM/GNU 32 Linux. You can download it from here. Be sure to check Quick Download on main web page to see if a newer release is available.

After you installed it you will need to download and installĀ  the following 2 aditional rpm’s : nspr-4.6.7-1tfm.i686.rpm and nss-3.11.7-1tfm.i686.rpm .

cd /tmp
mkdir 1 ; cd 1
rpm -Uvh *.rpm

Then download Adobe FMS and modified install from here:

cd /tmp
mkdir 2 ; cd 2
tar xf FlashMediaServer3.tar.gz
cd FMS_3_0_1_r123
rm -f installFMS
chmod +x installFMS

The installation of adobe FMs is beyond this article scope so i will skip it. After you installed FMS if you need it to autostart on boot you have to edit /etc/rc.d/rc.multi and add to the end of file the following line

cd /opt/adobe/fms ;./server start ; ./adminserver start

That’s all folks. You have Adobe FMS running on TFM/GNU 32 Linux server.

From our tests one FMS can server on one live stream more than 1400 simultaneous users. If you like it or you find it usefull or even better use it , let us know. Feedback is important.