Download:  zip archive 317k

Description :
This is an DirectShow Filter, for real-time audio processing.

It was created to REDUCE the Dynamic of a Soundtrack. With this, your speakers are NO MORE “in danger” when an explosion happened in movie, and the voices are clearly heared, at the same level.

It should work within all players, that use automatic DirectShow Filter Graph generation (Windows Media Player, etc).

a. To configure
run “Settings_Filter.bat” (or click “Change Filter Settings” shortcut).
If you do this when a movie already Playing, you need to RESTART player to use changes.

b. To configure in WMP, try this :
– open a movie in Windows Media Player
– open “File” menu
– open “Properties“, from this
– click on “Advanced” tab
– in “Filter in use” list, select “TFM Audio Filter
– click “Properties” button
– … and configure filter :))

c. To configure :
– click on TrayBar Icon.