We are pleased to invite you to attend the Conference BLUG*OS*CON, to be held in the hall AN010 of Politehnica University of Bucharest.

An event dedicated to everyone who uses Software Open Source, beginners or advanced.

Free entrance!(free as in beer). The event is organized by – Bucharest Linux User Group.

BLUG*OS*CON in a conference for truly Linux users, a conference just for fun,
Intrarea liberă! (free as in beer). Evenimentul este organizat de – Bucharest Linux User Group, free from any influence in the IT industry, a kind of conference open source Do-It-Yourself. Free from prejudice, advertising and vanity. You are all welcome!

The schedule is rich and full of interest for everyone. You will be able to increase your knowledge for the Linux platform, whether you are a beginner (you have lots of tracks where you care improve yourself) or a true geek (the first in Romania). And last, but not the least, BLUG*OS*CON is a unique platform  for socializing Romanian FLOSS communities.

You can consult the full schedule at

Communities in Romania will have their own stands where you can socialize heavily.

Who can participate:

  • novice Linux users
  • advanced Linux users
  • programmers
  • professors

Free entrance

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  1. Salutari,

    A fost ok conferinta si din cate am observat in sala au fost prezente si persoane care nu au folosit linux niciodata; iar asta e un lucru bun. Mi-au placut atat prezentarile cat si standurile. E super sa vazi ca si open source-ul poate fi “big business”.

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