Design / Implement / Maintain / Improve

Full cycle IT solutions

Help in designing your IT infrastructure
Implement your solution
Maintain the solution to get consistent performance over time
Adapt and Improve your infrastructure

Custom Programming

asm , C , C++ , PHP, Python, Ruby

We do much more than programming and website design.
Our technicians have created a number of custom web applications for our clients ranging from Single Sign On to custom e-commerce plugins and B2B communications.
Our web developers have strong experience in building large traffic websites.


kRadio.DerMixD it is a full solution for music automation software that addresses a radio station needs.

It features ranges from automatic playlist creation, radio station style creation, live interventions, automatic mix between songs, commercials and music manager, schedule and more.

Live Streaming

Your event live on the internet. Directly on your website.
Optimized broadcasts for both PC and mobile devices
Stream your conferences, webinars, lightning talks
Adapted to customer needs:
- Video resolutions from 400 x 320 up to 1920 x 1024
- Video bitrate from 300k to 10Mb
- High quality audio
- On demand TFM professional on site
- Mobile Video streaming ( Stream from where the action takes place )
Event recording and aftermath unlimited replay
High tech equipment that offers instant mobility with the camera around the event

TFM Audio Logger

TFM Simple Audio Logger / TFM Multiple Audio Logger

- monitors a number of unrestricted internet streams or soundboard inputs
- the storing of the files can be limited by the specified number of days or by the existing space in the storage location
- audio files can be downloaded via website
- audio coding type can be set differently per audio input monitored

Video Transcoding (Argus)

Make your videos available to all the devices
Multiple simultaneous transcoding jobs
DRM workflows are available
Multiple inputs files and input formats
Custom CMS notifications
On demand transcoding capacity grow